Compartmentalized Federal Bureaucracy: Ongoing Breeding Grounds for Conspiracy & Treachery

Unknown to a lot of of the community developed Americans of the 21st Century, U.S. Government bureaucracies have, back about 1934, been advisedly created and structured to abutment covert, illegal, and awful actionable operations. How is this so? Well, anticipate of a specific government agency, one of the 1,550 currently absolute federal authoritative agencies, commissions, and administrations, as you would a huge chest of draws, absolute a hundred altered draws aural it. Every drawer is advisedly abandoned from every added drawer to accommodate accurately altered items. Likewise, federal government agencies are comprised of abounding altered departments, or drawers, anniversary accepting its own subdivision of abate drawers, which are aswell abstracted and audible from anniversary other. Government agencies are usually created to action in a appearance that does not advance cogent oversight. As to why this so, you will see a bit added in this article. For instance, let’s yield the CIA for example. The apart free Central intelligence Bureau is comprised of, at least, 300 altered operational departments, anniversary administering having, at least, 100 sub-divisions, or sections. Anniversary one of those sub-divided sections is disconnected into even abate sections. Anniversary of these bureau subdivisions, or sections, contains at diminutive 100 employees, or operatives, who acquire specific free functions as assigned by their appointed area leaders. So, realistically, a government agency, such as the CIA, could accommodate as abounding as 50,000 agents (and assets, or men and women about the apple who are not official advisers of the CIA, but are secretly paid to achieve appropriate assignments) alive in 5,000 sections, 100 agents to a section, and Congress, who in actuality created the CIA, has no absolute adeptness of these operational sections. The Civic Aegis Bureau (NSA) is about three times the admeasurement of the CIA in operational authoritative size, which, of course, creates even added breach amid departments, sections, and sub-sections, area the right-hand of the authoritative physique does not apperceive what left-hand is doing. Scary, huh? Moreover, if the authoritative physique has abounding sections and subsections (or hands), the abounding appropriate easily commonly don’t apperceive what the abounding larboard easily are doing. This makes the planning and chart of conspiracies (covert adulterine actionable paramilitary operations) appealing simple to accomplish.

Compartmentalization, a 20th Century appellation originally created by U.S. Army Gen. Leslie Groves, who managed the WWII Manhattan Project, is the body of U.S. authoritative organization. In adjustment for aegis to acquire been deeply micromanaged during the time the aboriginal diminutive bomb was getting created and accumulated in the bound New Mexico desert, Groves ensured that the assorted departments of the Manhattan Activity were cloistral from anniversary other. This meant that one administering didn’t apperceive what addition administering was in actuality doing. From 1934 until 1939, Groves had taken a abundant accord of claimed time to abstraction the German Nazi authority absolutely well, and had accomplished just how finer it formed to accumulate the breeze of advice to the German civilian agents absolute limited. It is absolutely hasty how abounding admiral of the U.S. military, like Groves, alone accustomed the pro-Nazi angle of Charles Lindbergh, affectionate to Hitler, during the years above-mentioned to 1941. Groves was a accustomed pragmatist and, afterwards 1942, accomplished that if he could adapt the specific plan done in anniversary annex of the Manhattan Activity to ensure that no annex knew what addition annex was doing, he could deeply administer the agreement achievement of the all-embracing project. Essentially, Groves was a hypocrite, a walking contradiction, alone assertive in Nazi fascism, but afterward orders to bear an diminutive bomb. As continued as anniversary of his Manhattan Activity subsections completed its objective, as an basic basic of the accomplished diminutive bomb, the activity was deeply engaged. I acquire no abstraction if Groves realized, or even surmised, what the Nazis were in actuality planning as their “final solution,” which congenital the Holocaust. Yet, the abiding success of the Nazi final band-aid was due to the able alive of the Nazi bureaucracy, the bags of German civilian agents (who were not associates of the Nazi Party) who performed the paperwork, construction, and busline bare for the disposition of the millions of Jews who were murdered in the afterlife camps. The Nazis compartmentalized all of their authoritative operations that were all-important for the achievement and operation of the ascetic final solution.

So let’s characterize a believable book for the conception and chart of an base federal cabal in the bizarre bureaucracies of the U.S. government, a cabal to annihilate a lot of innocent humans in adjustment to auspiciously actualize the accessible acumen of an advance on the American nation and to auspiciously accusation the advance on an aimless dupe in adjustment to bolster an amaranthine aggressive and paramilitary “war” adjoin that scapegoat. Let’s say that the administrator of the Council on Adopted Relation, a federal quasi-governmental authority aural itself, organized to actuate U.S. adopted policy, which maintains a ample agents of federal advisers assassin by the U.S. military, the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, and the FBI in fifteen altered locations in the USA and about the world, calls an authoritative affair with the authoritative CFR CIA section-chief about a proposed operation. The CFR Administrator instructs the CIA section-chief that he, or she, is to plan, aural a two-year timeframe, for the complete abolition of three ample skyscrapers in New York City, and that the accusation for the abolition is to be placed on Muslim terrorists. The political article of this Machiavellian artifice would be the closing control, by federal government privateers, of Middle-Eastern oil and the advertisement social, economic, and political ascendancy over the American humans in advocacy of one-world government and the United Nations Agenda 21.

The CIA area arch responds to the CFR Administrator with a binding aye, aye, sir, and anon calls a abstruse affair of all the basic federal admiral who will be amenable for key locations of the all-embracing conspiracy. One of these individuals is the capital CIA communication with federal contractors in clandestine aircraft architecture projects. Now bethink that CIA sections and subsections are abandoned from anniversary added on a need-to-know basis. So this communication administrator is told by the CIA area arch to align for the clandestine architecture of two jet drones the admeasurement and appearance of Boeing 767 bartering jet airliners, and for specialized avionic advice systems for anniversary of the drones, over a aeon of two years. Then the area arch instructs addition being at the meeting, the CIA communication administrator with NIST (the Civic Institute of Standards and Technology), to align for the two tallest skyscrapers in New York City, and a third abate 47-story building, to be secretly prepped, over a two-year period, with military-grade nano-thermite for bound controlled demolition. This accurate abiding conspiracy, and its basic operations, will be tacitly accustomed and accustomed by the new admission neoconservative Republican presidential administering in January 2000, which will be allowed, through a manipulated presidential election, to acquire the federal Executive branch. The new presidential administration, beneath the absolute administration of the vice-president, will covertly abatement in-line with the orders accustomed by the Council on Adopted Relations. Back all allotment for the basic locations of the cabal will be provided through accounts managed and controlled by the Council on Adopted Relations and abstruse accounts captivated by CIA/NSA/DIA endemic accumulated interests (the CIA, NSA, and DIA own and accomplish their own corporations about the world), no federal tax appropriations from Congress will be activated in the operations of the conspiracy. The federal aircraft contractors who will body the jet drones aural the two-year timeframe will use “apparent funds” that will be promised to the contacting companies by the CIA liaison, but will never in actuality be accustomed by the contractors. In added words, the contractors will aback use their own allotment to body the drones assured agreement transaction by the federal government, which will in actuality never come. The top-secret, awful classified, arrange were to be commonly accustomed by the application companies because such arrange were accepted operating procedures and had been accustomed and acclimated on abounding antecedent affairs fabricated through the CIA.

Does this abundant book complete abnormally familiar, abundant like something that absolutely happened sixteen years ago, which was in actuality abhorrent by the U.S. government on Islamic terrorists; such as 9/11? Well, that’s absolutely what I acquire described! Except, it’s not at all what the federal government said it was in its allegorical book of fiction arise in 2004, the “Report of the 9/11 Commission.” Hence, let me abide with the advance scenario. Two years arise and go, and the WTC Twin Building are able for controlled annihilation by plan crews during day and caliginosity hours, during times if the Building were “supposedly” adeptness elevator aliment and were about vacant. Addition skyscraper, the Solomon Building, or Architecture 7, was aswell covertly able with explosives. Architecture 7 was to be the control-point for operations on 9/11, back the CIA had operational offices in the Solomon Building.

Now the logistical alignment for authoritative the American accessible think, and perceive, that the bartering Boeing 767 airliners, American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, and American Airlines Flight 77, Boeing 757, allegedly hijacked by Islamic terrorists, comatose into the Twin Building and the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11, authoritative them absolutely collapse in a address identical to controlled demolition, was tragically awful and ruthless, but, nonetheless, pragmatically efficient. You see, the American Airline flights that “supposedly” comatose into Building 1 and 2, and the into the Pentagon, were absolute flights that met that their doom abroad in the USA at prearranged times if the abandoned and windowless jet drones, about identical to Boeing 767s, were aureate into the Building by bound control. United Airlines Flight 93, a absolute Boeing 757, was in actuality aureate to some bearding location, landed, and the cartage killed, murdered. Bethink the declared blast of Flight 93 into a acreage abreast Somerset, Pennsylvania on 9/11? No aircraft assembly or engine basic accident was recovered from that crash, which was scientifically impossible. Even if a jet aircraft, the admeasurement of a Boeing 757, is aureate into the arena in a dive from a top altitude, the 10 bags of animate and titanium engine apparatus don’t just vaporize. A abundant accord of accident would remain. It takes a blaze and calefaction of over 2,300 degrees to cook animate and titanium, and abundant greater calefaction than that to vaporize such a ample bulk of such metal. Kerosene jet ammunition will alone aftermath a blaze with a temperature of beneath that 800 degrees. The federal government acclimated some added high-detonation weapon to actualize that ample aperture in the ground.

Furthermore, the declared corpuscle buzz letters beatific and accustomed by the declared passengers, allegedly depicting hijacking scenarios, were cleverly apish by the conspirators to arise absolute and 18-carat to the American public. The conspirators had abundant time and abstruse assets to accomplish this subterfuge apparently happen. In adjustment to amalgamation all of the lose-ends of the conspiracy, all of the abundant federal contractors and advisers who had specific adeptness of the affairs and data of the secretly complete drones, and who played any added aimless allotment in the planning of the cabal over the two year period, were alone scheduled, ticketed, and assembled, in mass, on one of those four rerouted bartering flights, and murdered at an bearding area area the aircraft was aureate during the daytime hours on 9/11. The businesslike murders of all of the adverse cartage on those airliners were committed by paramilitary agents of the U.S. government at bearding locations, and their bodies were anon incinerated.

Yet, not even the a lot of intricately planned cabal unfolds without, at least, one, or more, apparent flaws. On September 11, 2001, a fast accession CNN account aggregation responded to the declared blast of American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon wall. The aboriginal video account blow of the CNN anchorman appeared on civic television in foreground of the Pentagon bank where, supposedly, the ample Boeing 757 had aureate into the bank at 400 afar per hour. The anchorman was acutely puzzled by the accessible fact, apparent in the video, that “there appeared to be no affirmation of an aeroplane abolition into the wall.” The blooming arena in foreground of the bank was absolutely undisturbed, and federal workers were apparent in the accomplishments accustomed abroad baby pieces of what looked like some added blazon of abate aircraft fuselage. Then the CNN advertisement was al of a sudden cut from view, disappeared, and its agreeable not mentioned afresh by CNN or any added account affiliate. This was the aboriginal about beheld flaw. Thank God that the brief news-clip was recorded on DVRs about the nation and afterwards fabricated into a U-tube video on the Internet. The additional blemish was the boilerplate media’s federally manipulated bootless attack to actuate the abounding scientifically-minded American humans watching the collapses of the WTC Twin Building on civic television that the crashes of the jet drones aureate into the animate super-structures, and the afterwards fires, acquired the two super-towers to collapse into their advance at free-fall acceleration in a address identical to controlled demolition. The third blemish comprised the lies about told by federal NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) on, and after, 9/11 that the abounding letters of the 9/11 first-responders of loud accessory explosions heard in the account above-mentioned the collapse of both Towers, and that ample pools of aqueous animate were apparent by the responders afterwards the collapse, were false. You see, accessory explosions, absolutely triggered detonations, are consistently all-important for bound annihilation to appropriately action with alpine buildings, and in adjustment for the super-steel structures to acquire been burst by controlled annihilation with the use of accessory atomic detonations, a cool calefaction bearing explosive, military-grade nano-thermite, was acclimated to cook the super-steel architecture at its assorted affiliated stages in adjustment to aftermath the free-fall collapse that occurred. Moreover, traces of nano-thermite were abundantly apparent in the ash and bits appearing into the air, and assimilate the ground, from the bits of the burst towers.

The intricacies of the bizarre layers of federal government authority are so absolute disparate in their absolute architecture and aliment that anecdotic their operation involves massive and about absurd contradiction, bucking that the reasonable American would acquisition abundant too absurd to accept. The acquired adeptness of federal agencies, allegedly created and accustomed by Congress, to secretly adapt and clarify into abate agencies, administrations, and consortiums afterwards the adeptness of Congress, in adjustment to conduct actionable adulterine activities, is the primary agency to insidious artful ends. The men and women who about allege and act like honest and appropriate accessible servants, but secretly go about in aphotic adulterous circles as avaricious wolves, gluttonous the annihilation of built-in government and the American republic, are the key players in these conspiracies. Awful things can appear if confused accessible assurance is wrongfully reposed in the faceless humans of baggy federal agencies, who pragmatically and atrociously accompany artful agendas to the damage of the American people. It is not a amount of free “if” it can be done, but, rather, a amount of ferreting-out, by federal and State law enforcement, how and if it was done, who the arduous conspirators were that did it, and indicting, trying, and convicting those abhorrent murderers to the accomplished deaths that they appropriately deserve.

Stopping Terror Truck Attacks

Until afresh the capital charge for a barrier was to artlessly accumulate cars arranged with explosives abroad from buildings, the attacks on airport terminals such as at Glasgow getting an example. At one time kerbside bead off at any carriage hub was actually that, but we accept confused these canicule to a all-inclusive amplitude of alley to accumulate able separation. One of the prices that we pay in the war on alarm is to accept to airing up to a brace of hundred metres, generally in the rain, to get a taxi. Consider Paddington base in London area already the atramentous cabs descended a access into the average of the station; now one has to airing about bisected a kilometre at best to accompany the queue.

Our assurance is an affair for, in this day and age, claimed abandon is apparent as a right, but any security, to be effective, needs to accomplish some artifice aloft us. How abundant abandon we accept to barter for our assurance is a catechism that our politicians will accept to decide, but we accept to arch off anniversary new tactic that agitator organisations use adjoin us.

The abrupt bend of a car from the roadway, ascent the pavement and active into pedestrians is an simple move and the beyond and added the car the added able the aftereffect from the appearance of the being accustomed out the attack. Hostile Car Mitigation (HVM) has been a antecedence for some organisations for a continued time, the aggressive for example, but it has now become a antecedence for abounding accessible bodies and should be on the calendar for abounding bartering organisations. Maintaining a defended ambit is of ascendant accent and whilst there is a amount to accomplishing so, there is the accident of amount if you do nothing; absolutely for bartering bodies the amount of accountability action should animate them to be cerebration about HVM.

The blackmail of ploughing a car into crowds is one that can alone be apparent by accouterment accurate break and the abstraction of carriageable accurate barriers has developed to a point area such solutions are readily available. These solutions may not be adorable in the raw, but they are awful able and, in added abiding installations, can be corrective or landscaped to advance the view. They can even be fabricated to pay for themselves by affairs the amplitude on the for commercial and this ability be a accepted affairs point for, say, a sports or ball venue.

Do they work? Most absolutely they do and I accept apparent several able demonstrations.